Sustainable = Profitable

Taking risks isn't sustainable. Increased costs & complexity isn't sustainable. Turning a profit is.

An Unprecedented
Win/Win For All Farmers

Farmers, like everyone, care about sustainability – but most modern solutions require time, energy, and resources they don’t have.
Windfall makes sustainable farming possible by making it profitable.
Eliminate a Harmful "Waste"
Drastically reduce GHG emissions of your operation

Access to high-value carbon credits

Ability to sell in-demand,
low-GHG food products

Leverage equity as a “climate friendly farm”
Create Valuable Products
Offset need for costly, synthetic and/or carbon-intensive fertilizer

Improve soil health with rich, organic, bioactive nutrients

Increase resilience from supply chain issues

New revenue streams from selling soil products to community

Taking Methane Out of Food Production

By changing production instead of behavior – Windfall makes it possible for anyone, no matter their preferences or budget, to drastically lower their climate footprint by removing the highest-impact emissions from the foods they already buy.
Low Methane Milk badge

A massive GHG reduction.

Of any brand or product.

For the same price.

No change required.


Using our technology you can capture dilute methane from many sources:
  • Dairy barn exhaust
  • Manure lagoons
  • Slurry pits
  • Anaerobic digesters

Better for the crops

Creates more bioavailable nitrogen for farmers' crops​. Organic nitrogen is more bioavailable for plants as it’s in a form they are familiar with in nature.

Better for bottomline

Reduce supply chain volatility and gain access to your own local fertilizer supply.

Better for the climate

Our carbon-negative soil nutrients offset the need for carbon-intensive synthetic fertilizers which require an immense amount of energy and GHG ​(less nitrous oxide)

Better for ecosystem

Doesn’t run off like conventional synthetic fertilizers which lead to polluted waterways​

Manage Your Manure