Cutting methane is the single most impactful way to prevent planetary warming in our lifetime.

Source: Institute for Governance & Sustainable Development (2023) A Primer on Cutting Methane: The Best Strategy for Slowing Warming in the Decade to 2030.

Methane has energy, methane has value

Unlike CO2 methane has its own inherent energy. It’s the energy from methane that enables our microbes to fix nitrogen in the soil. The creation of localised valuable products from methane drives a profitable business model without relying on external artificial subsidies.

Reduction Targets

Windfall Bio enables industrial customers to meet ESG compliance requirements while reducing opex and maintenance. Our technology increases regulatory compliance and improves resource efficiency by capturing dilute methane emissions from associated gas and oil production, flare gas, and wastewater off-gassing.


Via direct application of Windfall Bio's proprietary consortia, Landfill & Waste Management customers gain the ability to capture previously unavailable disperse emissions.

Waste Management

This provides waste management stakeholders a simple & elegant solution to meet and navigate complex/strict emissions targets without losing profit.

Benefit of Biology

Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS) requires strict regulation and certification to ensure CO2 stays trapped underground. Consumed methane doesn't turn back into methane.