Nature Knows No Waste

The output of one biological process is the input for another. If there is energy present something will evolve to use it.

What is a mem?

A mem (methane eating microbe) is a microscopic organism that uses methane as its sole source of energy to grow and survive. They're commonly found in soils & wetlands where decaying organic matter is present and methane is abundant.

No matter the source, if mems come into contact with methane they will eat it.

CH4 ——> Soil Nutrients

Methanotrophs capture methane (CH4) molecules from their environment.
Methane molecules undergo oxidization where they are broken down into simpler carbon compounds. This breakdown provides energy for the mems to grow. Some of it is used to take nitrogen gas from the air.
Nitrogen & compounds are released by the mems to become valuable nutrients for other microorganisms in the soil like bacteria and fungi allowing surrounding plants to thrive.
Lines displaying the process of Methane going in
Graphic depicting methane eating microbes
Methane-eating Microbes

Nature Based Technology

We mimic nature's efficiency by selecting the most effective methanotroph strains combining them to create our proprietary Windfall Bio consortia.
No genetic modification necessary.